Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Saturday, 30 January 2016

                                                        Girl Cave 

Today the temperature gauge rose quickly .
By noon the children were running out of puff and had to go to the creek for a dip.
Meanwhile I took advantage of the quiet and ventured up the hill to my "Girl cave".
 A caravan that is meant to  one day be my studio.
It is parked up on our hill and is meant to be my tranquil spot .I get so distracted at the bottom of the hill and because the vegetation is more lush below the hill and in the shadow .....I tend to not go up too often .... HMMMMMMMMM I'm thinking  its a bit of a cop out really...

To date there have been more pressing projects like tree houses and a new pump shed.

Water is so scarce for us.
Our spring dried up about 6 years ago it coincided with Dairy farms being introduced into our area.
Huge irrigation ponds and kilometers  of  Pivots have been needing all the water they can use.
 It is so strange to see cows in the paddocks around us.
No shelter to escape the burning sun and dry dry dry conditions even with all day irrigation...

We have very little water and rely on a creek close by to supplement our supply. Right at the minute the spring is completely dry. In Winter the level rises slightly enough for us to pump water to the tank.
The pump was on its last legs so for christmas we installed a smaller pump and Dr Project made a new shed to house the pump.
Sadly though no water in the well.
Our section , like the majority of the land in our area is built on a bed of rock of schist and dust .
The irony is directly across the road is the Clutha River with a plentiful supply of water.
I digress. I really wanted to write about the pump house.
We told the children it was a fairy house.
When I  have finished with it it will resemble a fairy house.

Meanwhile back in the girl cave I am trying to inspire myself.
I parked myself up on the bed, which will eventually be removed to make room for my easel , and stared at the unfinished paintings hidden in this cave with a view.

Empty canvas just waiting to be painted...
half finished work 

almost finished work..

Autumnal work

Work I started when I was sad

Work I really desperately want tuition with.
Anyone out there in bloggers land want to come stay a weekend and teach me the finer points of painting birds??? 

Work that is too blue

and then there is the work that beckons like a quiet country road...I started this painting when Matilda Betty was two...HMMM she will be off to school in April

Looking at it all at once makes me feel overwhelmed....

It is so hot in the caravan even with the doors and windows open it is hard to is a great sauna though..with lovely views
How the day has disappeared I hear the delightful squeals of little people back from the creek...energised by the cold water and probably in need of a good long drink...
Summer days...Summer Daze...

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