Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Childhood Dreams

When I was a kid I loved the idea of camping.
I went camping once to the 'Mavora Lakes" with my friend Sigrid and her family.
They had a "scamper " which was basically a tent on a trailer but was very flash.
Sigrids Mum, Ariana made corn fritters on a small  gas camp cooker and Sigrids father Bert played the guitar and sang.
During the day we spent all our time playing make believe and at night we joined other campers.
I well remember meeting a certain Mr Fosbender from Wyndham .He told me all about maliga tauni soup. 
We sat around the camp fire he had made for his family but was only too happy to share it with everyone.
His family slept in what seemed like a huge (canvas) tent with poles he had made from the tree's.
It was this memory that prompted me to cave in and say yes when little miss Maia (sent by her two cousins and little brother ) came and asked "Can us wee kids sleep outside please".

Dawn the cat ( trying to escape) after she slipped out of her nighty and bonnet....poor wee kitten ...although she didn't seem to complain.

Cousin Tas reads to little "Mr Soul" .He is just so so happy to be outside.

and  Maia quite satisfied with herself ... 

Precious childhood memories. They go a long way toward moulding us.
I am so glad that this evening I helped create a memory for 4 little people...even if it was just a pergola on the porch and a starry night ....

Between the dark and the daylight, When the night is beginning to lower, Comes a pause in the day's occupations, That is known as the Children's Hour.” 
― Henry Wordsworth Longfellow

Mr Leo will be so proud of himself in the morning..being the big boy looking out for his cousins...

Sneaking a peek at these happy little campers was just too much to resist. Little snores and snuffles and angelic faces after such a big day of playing in the garden.
Little buddies all of them.
How grateful I feel to be an Oma .
Couldn't help smiling I am in the office posting this blog post and I hear the man of the house get up and the sliding door open.I hear the pergola zip and I know what he's doing.He will be standing there staring at these little people and I know his heart will be full of love and joy for them.

Just remember this evening as you sleep it will be the same stars that shine down on you as the ones shining down on these little people.
Hey and make time to 
"Go Camping " even if it's on your porch.

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