Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Thursday, 28 January 2016

The sound of Summer

Music is such a big part of life here at home .We often have sing alongs or the children are always putting on shows.
Tasmin  (second sons oldest girl)is turning out to be quite the singer.
This Summer saw friends arrive  to stay and with them they bought their musical instruments.
How lucky we were to be treated to an impromptu "ho down."

Picnics outside have been fun even letting the kiddies play ladies...

The lilies are blooming spectacularly and their scent is heaven..

My favourite friends the bumblebee's are everywhere enjoying the pollen nectar and pretty pink flowers .

Fruit is dripping from the tree's and the vege garden is abundant..

And my very special friend from Southland came to stay .We go back a long way .In 1997 we went to USA together on returning she made me this little book.Rose was so surprised when I produced it .It bought back memories.Over the years I have myself made many of these little books and given away lots of the papers and stamps and stickers....
I forgot the joy I got from doing these little things.

Friends are food for the heart....

LOL I still have rolls of this paper  penmanship from 20 years ago...
What a magpie I am.xxxx 
I just may sit down and make a little book to remember the glory of this Summer....

Addendum 1.4.16
Had to add this photo found in the local southland paper.
Well done I say.


  1. I love your photos, of the children helping you pick apricots. It looks so lovely here, seeing these, as I sit in my house listening to the pouring rain outside, in our winter time. Again, a lovely blog.

  2. Thank you June.I would dearly love a good downpour like you are having I hear it's not such a cold Winter in England all the same.
    Thanks for enjoying my blog. It is so nice to get comments.