Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Monday, 25 January 2016

                   The three lives of Thomasina and then there was Dawn....

As a child , growing up in a family of 9 ...Mum, Dad , three brothers and three sisters times were often  tough.
I believe my Parents did their very best and that is reflected in each of my siblings and myself. We are by no means close but we are all respectful and have forged wholesome lives for ourselves and those of us with children have ,like our parents , tried to raise our children to be respectful, hardworking and happy.
As a pubescent teen I  always considered our family more like a circus and I was keen to leave the circus .Still I never stopped loving my MUM and my Dad.
Our parents deserve our honor and respect for giving us life itself. Beyond this they almost always made countless sacrifices as they cared for and nurtured us through our infancy and childhood, provided us with the necessities of life, and nursed us through physical illnesses and the emotional stresses of growing up.

Now 55 years later  I am an orphan.
 I find it easy to disassociate some of my childhood from who I am now.
Some of the memories will always remain. The most precious ones .

One particular memory I want to share on this post is  that of Disneyland on a Sunday night after a bath.
I sat behind my Mum and scratched her back whist we watched the Phillips black and white TV that looked like this one below.There was no remote control no colour and at times the TV snowed causing us all to stamp our foot firmly on the ground (as if this was going to work)

I just loved Disneyland .My all time favourite movie was Pollyanna .I even learned that Pollyanna was played by Hayley Mills and couldn't wait to go to the picture theatre to watch 'The Parent trap' a movie featuring Hayley playing herself in two roles...herself and her twin and their attempt at getting their divorced parents back together.How ironic that the gist of these movies we love so can layer into our psyche and replicate parts in our own lives.
Even now when I am down I try to play Pollyanna's " glad game"..

I love cakes just like these ones and jams in glass jars and promised myself as a child'When i grow up I will make nice cakes and jam".

I love "Corn on the cob" my BFF is nicknamed corn cob and I am corncob2 just because of our love for corn on the cob...Hmmmm wonder if this clip of the movie was noticed by me .

I love prisms and have a crystal chandelier obsession

I love Banjo's and fiddlers and a good ol' knees up.

and when I was 30 I wore a dress just like this that my mother made me.i must find the photo's.

There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.

I also loved and cried through Grey Friars Bobby and just felt such sorrow for the little dog that in rain and freezing cold lay on his owners grave.
I sobbed myself to sleep THAT Sunday night .

 I loved  "The Three lives of Thomasina."I can still remember how hurtful the little girl Mary was shutting off all her emotions to her Dad.Mr McDooey.
I felt so sorry for him as he tried everything to win back her love.
I remember the little boys giving the cat a funeral and most of all I remembered the witch in the woods with all the little animals she fixed.
I laughed when Mary dressed the cat up (now my grandchildren do the same thing).I was so pleased when her Dad (a widower) married  the "witch". Watching it again years later (and in colour the effect on me had not changed. )

Well you must all remember how last year I came home to find my poor cat Willow had been killed.
It was so sad and I missed her lots.
I didn't want to replace her...
that was until I was told by my gorgeous wee neighbour down the road (whose daughters' party I was attending the night WIllow was scuttled) that the wild cat that lives in her hen house had given birth.

How funny ..little Tiny ran in to tell her Mummy there was a baby kitten under the chook and as sure as eggs(excuse the pun) when V went to investigate...... there .......sure enough .......was a clucky hen and her "KITTEN??? "

purring and purring
 and accepting little morsels from tiny little fingers..
Well I never..
The first night home the little chick ran off and hid and it was only after attempts at calling PUUSSSS PUUS  failed that I started making clucking noises and out of the boxes appeared albeit  timidly  a little kitten.
The man of the house was so amused and said had he not witnessed it himself he would not have believed it.
I started out calling her sujit after sujit Kumar (the fijian boy raised with chickens ) my son suggested we change her name to Penny (as in Henny Penny) .Finally Ocean our animal crazy grand daughter named her Dawn.
I hadn't heard that name since CHILDHOOD..
Dawn it is then.

So Lets hope Dawn has a long and happy life here catching rats mice and rabbits and leaving the birds alone (fingers crossed.)
So people out there in bloggers land remember what was said by Kailash Satyarthi 
Every single minute matters, every single child matters, every single childhood matters.

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