Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Thursday, 28 January 2016

No Drips but plenty of Sundrops

There is a drought ,of that I am sure.The total fire ban is at extreme .The hay smells dry and is scratchy in my throat.The dust is everywhere and driving off the metal road only adds to the ever present dust in the air.This is Summer at it's best.
To think Febuary/ March will be hot hot hot and dry if our history of keeping record of weather patterns is anything to go by.

Its February time for the kids to return to school and the sun the come out again. Lindy Lamb

Driving to "The Nook" (I will write about that eutopic place on another post) was as spectacular as ever. A hint of snow still remains on Corner peak .

The Hawea back road  A road well travelled by myself.

..and heading into the Family  driveway of  my daughter's   always leaves me in awe .
Today I was going to pick up Matilda for a sleepover whilst her mummy performs as a wedding singer.
The pick up also included gathering a basket full of Apricots.
The magic of the Nook is not just in it's people it's of it's people.
The extended family are always peaceful  giving and attentive .Our daughter has been blessed to have married into such a loving giving and inspiring whanau.

As if the drive out isn't inspiring and breathtaking enough (and to think this makes up my neighbourhood...0
there are always great photo opportunities. 

The feeling when I hit that Nook Road sign always brings with it a smile.The Nook is never uninteresting.There is always a hive of activity.
I will write in a later blog the exciting news about a trillium cultivated by Mr Nook..Jamie Urquhart but that can wait. Katherine  Yes that's you Mrs B You can call Anna directly to order...As for now its Anna, Matilda Oscar and Apricots... 

Although the clouds have not dripped on us the fruit certainly drips from the tree's.

See how the light tenderly love the apricots, it takes them over completely, enters into their pulp, light them from all sides! Paul Cezanne

...and today I has two precious little helpers the ready to pick and to eat apricots destined for my basket

Now mummy if you see this blog post please let me tell you Little Mr Oscar took his sunhat off every time  I put it on him.. That's it behind him ....He's such a cheeky boy...

I love how you can just see the washing in the background.First glance i thought it was prayer flags between the corn...HMMMM

Ready to Go to Oma's ...and mummy is ready to sing...

Just have to get Koala Jones organised ..

Now we are good to go

Homeward bound

and by Eight  all is well ,fruit bottled and babies asleep ...

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