Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Sunday, 25 October 2015

                 Its Holidays.....

Labour weekend brings with it all that is good about not working to breaking point  and it's about taking a break.
1. The Holiday Celebrates the Achievements of Workers.
2. It Is Closely Linked to Labor Unions & Was First Celebrated in the 1880s.
3 It celebrates the introduction of 8 hour  working days  and the working 40 hours a week rule.
I certainly had a lovely break with  the Grandchildren

The first outing was the annual Wanaka Rotary Duck Race.

Of course one little blossom can never resist the urge to pick the flowers...

The next outing planned for after a breakfast of waffles. Yes it was off for a Picnic 

The bread rolls with cold meat from last nights leg of lamb were very much appreciated . By the local ducks....Oh My.

It was a beautiful day Hot sunny and a bonus was a young family came up to the rock behind us and shouted WOW we found it..we went to investigate and there was a geocache It was a plastic stone hidden under the rock The stone opened to reveal the tiniest geocache note book...There was great excitement.

It has certainly whetted the children's appetite to go searching.

After the picnic it was off to the big racing car track and to do a Dinosaur safari...

It's such a wonderful thing to do on your day off ...spend time with children YOUNG and OLDer

Family ..It can bring so much joy It reminds you that this is the reason you work so hard and try to give so much .
It is a love that never leaves you.
I look at all my children and still see them as the babies they were. 
I am grateful for the daughters in law  my sons have brought into our lives and son in law our daughter  has brought into our lives.
I also see them all in their children. 
It sounds so funny when I talk about 'The Kids" because in 3 weeks the youngest kid will be 30.

I see our kids, now so clearly reflected in our Grand children. 
I am so glad I took myself away from the lawn mower,the garden fork, the rotary hoe ,The vacuum cleaner and the mop.
I am glad that I left all that labour and replaced it with the joy of Family...

 ....and you know at the end of the day we all got to sit in a beautiful garden and eat frozen yogurt with fruit and enjoy the labour of love created by someone for us...I do hope the workers get to have a weekend off.


Friday, 9 October 2015

                           The sands and Thyme

The weekend was to bring strong winds and it did ,what it also bought was sand ,so much sandy dusty dirt that we coughed our way through the three days it engulfed our area.
Sometimes living in the country can be less then ideal.
Time to plough...although it would be pertinent to check the forecast as 120km winds were predicted.

I dare to say topsoil from the dairy farm ended up 30 Kms away.

I should count myself lucky that we were not engulfed by fire as it is also the time for burn off.

Thank goodness for a good dose of rain to return everything to normal.

I love how everything is always left with  glistening drips....

Like Fairy lights...... 

Because it cooled down very quickly I searched the net for some good recipes for a warming dinner and discovered two amazing blogs. Mary you will love the French one . I ordered the book  and cannot wait for its arrival.

I tried to get all inspired to cook something really amazing...complete with a pudding.....but then I got carried away searching recipes. I just love recipes ,watching cooking programmes and scouring the net for foodie blogs. If I put as much energy into using the recipes as I do finding them I would be twice as heavy as I am .Hmm maybe that is why I am so happy to just gaze instead of graze.

When my friend Saapke came to stay we started a puzzle. Saap is an expert and did almost half the puzzle in an hour.
I have it sitting on the coffee table and manage to find  a few pieces each day that fit.

It was nice to have a fire going .
I always love to sit with my favourite recipe book ,
by the fire....

It was lovely to end the day curled up with the girls (grandchildren) planning a treat for the next day.

Getting water cress was high on my list and going for a walk was high on Skye's list and finding a baby bunny was high on Oceans' list so off to the walking track it was to kill three birds with one stone.
The track is very sheltered and very easy to walk .The little footbridge has a crop of watercress  and of course everywhere you look there is evidence of bunnies.

An Arm down the rabbit hole ...

Home  just in time to snuggle by the fire before more huge wind gusts and more rain....