Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Thursday, 8 May 2014

..................Welcome Autumn.............

Today is a new day...Its the start of Autumn and already there are buds just waiting to burst on the Winter sweet. The frosty mornings and inversion layer are never conducive to gardening so this is time to get the indoor chores ,the bookkeeping and meal prep out of the way and sit back with a book  or watch a film or better still create something inspiring.....I also never let an opportunity go but to look through the recycle centre or thrift shops for little treasures.........
I hope to share with you the everyday things that make me happy and make me who iI am .
In each blog I hope to include....
 A memory,
A quote
A Recipe
A Trip away
Part of a novel,
The garden,
My finds
My Best buys
Friends and family
Latest creations
and fun times .
I hope to give the impression of each season ,the subtle and not so subtle changes and most of all I  just want to share with you my days.

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