Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

                         .....Too Divine.....

Today the water diviner came .I followed him around our property and up our hill like a curious puppy.
He held the No8 wire (such a Kiwi thing) and when he walked near a stream the wire turned rapidly round and round.He was able to peg out where a deep stream and also a swoft river ran 25 meters under the ground.
The amazing thing was my elderly father divined with a willow rod a few years ago and found water in exactly the same places.I am a believer.
His hand often ends up quite black from the metal rubbing off. He said several rods have broken in his hands from just wear and tear.

Can you see how it vibrates.....

Although divining has never been scientifically proven to work we believe in it . Diving (also known dousing or water witching)has been used for centuries  to find water wells, metals, gemstones, and even missing people and unmarked graves.

 It is suggested that humans may be able to sense electric and magnetic energy that's invisible to the eye (as many animals can) and subconsciously manipulate the divining rods or pendulum to reflect that information (the ideomotor effect). Whether you're a stout defender of dowsing or you think it's hogwash, doing your own experiment can be both educational (from a historical perspective) and fun.

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