Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

.............The moon and the inversion layer

Yes today is the full moon and it is a pretty important one ...There will be a total eclipse. It is said it  should last 3 and a half hours
I will be watching out for it between 3 and 4 am ....Maybe there will be a baby arriving at that time too that would be cool.
I do hope it has the red or orange glow that watchers are expecting . ( The moon not the baby)Volcanic gas and dust can block the suns rays from reaching the moon so we may not get such spectacular views.

Actually Hold on The eclipse has happened it was last month ......Hmmmmmmmmm I am one Month behind myself... Never mind.............
The weather and the sky have always fascinated me ....I do love to go out and watch the stars .A very dear friend has taught me a lot about where the constellations are .We have stood on her hill with our little red light while she very methodically points to the stars .
My favourite apart from the Crux or as we call it The Southern cross would have to be know that constellation really does look like a Scorpion.

.The inversion layer that is ever present from end of may till July has returned.....

The mist rolls in ....

Stays awhile ...hiding the mountains

Then clears again  ...well almost ....
We have had weeks where it is a blanket and I see nothing from my window today is not so bad.
I do love the sun and always joke that I am solar paneled ...............HMMMMMMMMMMMMM I do believe it's true .It is more and more difficult to get jobs done outside when it is so warm and cosy inside .
I need to get motivated to clear yet another load of leaves.....maybe then I will reward myself with a big bowl of leek and Potato soup....that is after I dig the remaining potato crop........

I will leave you with this Traditional Gaelic Blessing that I once sang in a choir . It can be hauntingly beautiful when sang well........

May the Road rise up to meet you
May the Wind be always at your back
 May the Sun shine warm upon your face 
 the rain fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of Her hand

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