Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Sunday, 11 May 2014

                       ..... Mums the word.......

Its mothers day and what a lovely way for me to spend it.....planting bulbs..redoing pots...and tidying the grounds...

 also mowing lawns and generally tidying in readiness for the snow.

I found myself  raking more leaves, they really are falling thick and fast. Soon the very last of them will fall heralding the beginning of Winter

I do love the garden though and can spend hours in it ....or at the plant shop....or looking for bulbs online....

                                          Here is a wee tip for you

Did you know Ranunculus should be soaked for at least an hour before planting. 

The bulbs look like small, dark bunches of bananas, a curious shape that makes it easy to determine which side is up and which is down for planting. Tuck your ranunculus into the planting hole with the “bananas” pointing down.

 I always love walking around the gardens when to work is done .

 I check out our little summer cottage , go to our secret garden and feed the fish and I walk down the pergola  path.

The find of the day would have to be the beautifully preserved Quails egg......
I do so love seeing the quails in the garden but more on that when the season is here .

I wandered down the road to where an Osage Orange (Maclura pomifera),grows and collected its fruit. Some say it deters spiders.

I believe it does keep spiders away, as , everywhere I have little caches of the osage orange(which is related to the Mulberry family) I have no spiders coming in.

The perfume is quite pungent. A bit like a daphne flower past its best.

Isn't it a magnificent tree This one has a world heritage protection on it.

They are very unusual looking don't you think .The inside has a latex type fluid and it is not edible.

I wish all Mothers out there a wonderful blessed life of Mothering and I leave you with a card I found written nearly thirty years ago .Its from my two young sons.
Have a lovely day ,evening, weekend........... life.
 Remember to make someone smile back at you.
                                                      Bye ...Just for now.....

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