Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Friday, 16 May 2014

           ......The snow is a comin.......

This morning I woke early ....The frost was here, Jack and his little paint brush ..... although it is very beautiful and usually makes for a lovely day I felt cold and just couldn't get warm.
It was only with  fire roaring, a scalding hot coffee and a good breakfast that I began to thaw.
I don't like electric blankets so tonight I will fill a hot water bottle and cuddle up with that.
I have some old blankets so feel a day of making hottie covers is in order............

Still misty ....and very cold but actually it wasn't minus 0?????????? Yet

I did a bit more to the cards 

The pear tree I espaliered three
years ago gives me lovely pears every year.
This year I have been getting about 6 a week .They seemed to take time ripening  Last year I was in Europe at this time so have no idea how the pears went ....

The last dozen pears were turned into a vanilla and pear preserve  ............

I had the pleasure of spending the day with two of my little grand children and of course a card was made for the other Nana.
I get so much pleasure from my little grandchildren I could write short stories on each and the things they have said.

This lovely little book I got from my daughter  who found it in an opportunity shop....I have had it many years but I so enjoy it

The bouquets goes to my daughters in law ...for just being so very lovely


The find of the day would have to be pottery classes for children....I will keep you posted with the little ones creations.......
Its a beautiful day  so I will leave you all to enjoy life and those you love.....

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