Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


a. An opening, a tear, or a rupture.
b. A gap or rift, especially in or as if in a solid structure such as a dike or fortification.
2. A violation or infraction, as of a law, a legal obligation, or a promise.
3. A breaking up or disruption of friendly relations; an estrangement.
4. A leap of a whale from the water.
5. The breaking of waves or surf.
v. breachedbreach·ingbreach·es
1. To make a hole or gap in; break through.
2. To break or violate (an agreement, for example).
To leap from the water:

This morning my husband said he needed to drive down to the creek to check that it hadn't "Breached".
..........................He had THE LOOK..........

The creek did not BREACH ...
Whew .
 I was fascinated in the reflected light that appears to be a rough map of New Zealand. 
Do you see it?
Gushing, Rushing, Stinking, Dirty, Muddy and pushing the boundaries but no flood.
No need to panic....

No need for stress....

The word breach has so many connotations .
I have never heard it said in gentle circumstances.
Had I been told that my daughters baby was BREACH . I would have been very concerned.

There are some words that just leave you cold.

Hate is a word I never like to use.
A wise man once told me the word hate is for haters.

Regardless of  how it is used Hate is hate. I was told that when people start a sentence with the words "I Hate" the first two words have already changed the molecular structure in the water of the air in which it sits.
Masaru Emoto has written a very interesting book on the subject of Words and the effects on water.

I wonder what the water does with the word ...............BREACH

Well this morning my husband said, " I hope the creek does not breach".
He suggested going down to see . I volunteered and took the camera.

Several years ago our home was flooded when the creek breached.Water poured in and as you can imagine it was a very stressful time.

As I walked to the creek I thought about the word breach and how it made me feel when it left my husbands mouth.

There was a lake forming in the driveway but nothing to worry about...

Infact I started to relax and draw comfort from all the moisture.The climate where we live is so very dry and the garden does suffer from thirst so often.
Our water table will have risen and the ground will have had a luscious full drink.

Wet...Wild ....dismal yet welcome.....
and within two hours the sun shone and all that remained were the little lights ....

Everything looking clean and washed and shiny......

It was lovely looking through the drippy vines and watching the sun heat the earth and surrounds.

...see the steam..?

The drips falling from the tree's into the newly formed ponds....

some drips were faster and bigger

and some drips were just drops...plops...

I would love to see each drop in each location and compare....

Our creek is called Dead Horse Creek ...YIKES what does that look like under a microscope....

The sun is now shining A new dump of snow lies on our mountain and all is good in our driveway as we welcome friends........
Have a swimmingly good time  till I see you all again..... 

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