Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A little closer to home

My old hometown looks the same except for this little florist that made my heart swell.
What is that song by The Three Degree's?
 It goes something like this.
When will I see you again.... Precious Moments...
Well that's just about how I feel.
I just fell in love with this little florist shop...Its more than just a shop though.
 It has an ethereal wonderment about it.
I haven't quite worked out if its something in the ether or in the lovely people that work there.
I really do believe a little magic followed me out of the door when I purchased the most exquisite little matinee jacket and hat for my new grandson. In fact before I even left the shop the essence of loveliness had pervaded my soul.
I met old acquaintances and made new friends in that little shop.
It reminded me of Europe .
It felt other worldy..
The atmosphere,smell and displays put me in an enchanted place.
If only for a moment.....
.... a Precious Moment

Every bouquet, be it real or silk begs to be drawn in , examined in detail for its loveliness
I wanted so to buy blooms....but it was not a good idea with cars full to bursting with babies and birthing teams and lots of suitcases... 

Oh but what a choice... I did settle for the softest pure wool ....

The lovely owner even made me a delicious cup of coffee.

Now that has never happened to me before ....not when I was "Just Browsing"

"lavender, sweet lavender; come and buy my lavender,
                                                hide it in your trousseau, lady fair.
                                        Let its lovely fragrance flow Over you from head to toe,
                                           lightening on your eyes, your cheek, your hair."
                                                                       Cumberkand Clark Flower Song Book 1929

I have made myself a promise to return to that little shop ...again and again...I may even send myself a little something....and something for a friend.
I hope that somewhere out there you too can find a special place.
I wish you all a Precious moment.......

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