Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Monday, 23 June 2014

Of Pots and things .........

Days come and go so quickly .
There is never a shortage of adventures.
This weekend saw me entertaining 3 Grandchildren and what better way to do it then to POTTER.
I have a lovely vivacious friend that has a studio ,she does some  amazing work and is a brilliant tutor to the young kiddies she teaches .

Amazing how children just get the hang of things..First grandchild picked it up just like that, she had to eat her words when she realised her cousin HAD made the mug she got as a gift.

I couldn't tell whose was the tutor's and whose  was the students bowl..

look at those little cute....
I love the door handle....many years of use ...its nearly a ceramic handle....

I will keep you posted as the creations get glazed and fired. Its all very exciting.

Getting just a tiny few flowers from the garden....

and also a huge beautifully exquisite bunch from a special friend and her family naughty girl also baked me a carrot cake which I must get you the recipe for.

The smell is just delicious...I do so love the Madonna Lily and as for Stock ....I just adore it with its peppery sweetness. 
I got some lovely gifts for my birthday and will share some of these later in posts.
My very lovely friend Mary gave me this blue heart amongst other beautiful things.I don't know if she realised the significance  "A blue Heart" has for me so its very apt and a little synchronistic.
I far rather the phrase a blue heart day then a black dog day, even though I do like black dogs....

I love looking at my blue heart....

and this birthday card from Mary is so subtle in its beauty I would like to paint it.
I just love the little girls coat and bonnet.
I made a coat  and bonnet several years ago for my granddaughter now my other granddaughter has claimed it and loves it in fact she wore it to town in the weekend and was very chuffed with herself.

Its out of an old blanket..

and this one is out of an old drape and an old sheet .My grand babies did look very huggable in this wee coat.
Winter is coat time ...yes maybe I can make one for the next grand daughter...

This year my wintersweet is so full of blossom .I purposely did not prune it in autumn so that I could bring long branches inside.
They are not ready yet but in a week........
In the meantime I am happy to have a sprig or two inside.

Hyacinth, Snow drops, Lily of the Valley all firm favourites of mine .

 I got a lovely Clay Pot from my daughter for my birthday and filled it with soil and planted some snowdrops.
How lovely to enjoy them inside.
Just maybe I will make a pot for Tulips at our next Pottery day ?

In the meantime till I return enjoy your day ..I will try too as I settle into several hours of accounting....

Hope you really enjoy your hours.....

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