Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Monday, 2 June 2014

                       ....An Evening of friendship.....

About 14 years ago I decided to subscribe to The Victoria magazine .
I so enjoyed quiet evenings savouring the articles ...Mothers and daughters in business together or fabulous gardens, woman with interesting skills wonderful creative idea's.
I would always end up wishing that I could visit some of the interesting and emporiums . Hoping that one day I would stumble upon similar collectables, crafts, recipes and books.
It was a life saver back then from the Ho Hum of a corporate world.

In 1999 a small group was started called  "Victoria "
Evening meetings were held once a month in a members home.
Ladies bought a plate of food which was shared  at the conclusion of a night of either crafting, sharing favourite finds or something from the Victoria mag.

I only attended a couple of the meeting but as I found out , whilst in the city, the group  was still going strong.
I was invited.
The topic of the night was "Two little Treasures" 
I brought along my two treasures. I will post that story later suffice to say they were a little book and a collar and cuff iron.
Some of the ladies bought truly enchanting items.
There was a lovely book on the remaking of Gertrude Jekylls' Garden the lady that bought that book along also intrigued us with this.
I thought is was for enema's .....
One lady bought along the wedding invites for not only her wedding but her mothers and grandmothers
Now I really was taken by that .The lady had a real aura about her when she spoke about weddings so it wasn't surprising when later in the evening I learned that she owns an old church and actually has weddings there. So Wonderful to see that sort of passion for ones interest.

There were articles in magazines on display of one members fabulous talent with Roses.
Her pot pourri is a heady intoxicating fragrance, she had some rose beads to show and they too were wonderful.
There was shining crystal and me being the perpetual magpie was drawn to the sparkle.
There were so many beautiful, wonderful and sumptuous little treasures. Enough for a complete blog let alone a post on this blog.
The hostess had ensured that the evening took on a magical atmosphere.The walk up to the backdoor was lit by little flickering candle lights in vintage lanterns,tiny lights peeking from the bushes.
 A lovely WELCOME sign at the door on a typically french greeting board.
There was a delicious supper of  dainty sandwiches and fairy cakes and a delicious lemon punch sprinkled with tiny rose petals.
What a thoroughly enjoyable evening with these genteel ladies of the Victoria Club.

“My idea of good company, Mr. Eliot, is the company of clever, well-informed people who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call good company.” 
― Jane AustenPersuasion

Oh and that funny device that looked like a floppy trumpet , suited to a Salvador Dali painting.

All in all it was a night I will remember with great fondness and I do hope to be invited again.

Just as an aside I did bring food on my plate.
The adage "Ladies a Plate" was one that perplexed some Dutch immigrants when invitations were received to join a social occasion.
Many turned up with a plate ....Just a plate.
 How literal is that...and funny.

Well folks thank you yet again for your company .Join me again when I go shopping....

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