Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Sunday, 15 June 2014

                         Everything must go.

Today the  playgroup in  Hawea Flat had a huge garage sale. For $15.00 sellers could purchase a space to sell their wares.
Sales tables were set up by individual vendors as the annual fundraiser kicked off with a hiss and a roar.

My daughter and her "wonderfully"  Irish friend were performing when I arrived...My son and his wife were manning the playgroup table and my other daughter in law had her own table .
My 9 year old granddaughter was very proud that she had sold some of her books, raising funds to maintain the keep of her lop eared rabbits.
My 3 year old grandson  needed a couple of bucks for a cookie "Please".
His older sister had her face painted like a butterfly and I was asked to hold the new baby (still to be named) as Mumma performed .
Daughter in law needed me to man her table while she went for a drive.The aim of the drive being " little man of 1 falling asleep ".
What a busy afternoon for people, lots of clothing and sundry items, some amazing furniture and some lovely books.
Being a bookaholic I couldn't resist a beautiful cross stitch book.

The sale gave me a reminder of this time last year whilst in Tilburg (The Netherlands) with my husband.
There was a City Garage sale.
Three or four streets and the town square were shut off and stalls were everywhere.It was the biggest busiest best garage sale I have ever been too. It went for 24 hours We browsed at 11pm at night arriving back where we were staying well after 2am .Our hosts were the best really was such a lot of fun.

I managed to buy a couple of things. Some gifts and a very special little  bisque doll
which is now in the spare bedroom.The grandchildren love "this little baby"

I also enjoyed the street side sales in Provence......I just wished I could have brought  more little treasures home.

I just adored the French curtains I found them all so much nicer then the Dutch ones....
I think it was the shape and the lovely linens and lace.

I do love to reminisce It makes the trips so worthwhile when I have such pleasant memories.

I left the garage sale to attend a funeral of a friend .
I think Sunday is a nice day to have a funeral.
It was such a still, almost warm, midwinters day.
 The lake was very clear and there was only a slight inversion layer.
It was fitting really because the funeral ended with the song "Its such a perfect day."

It was a very moving tribute.
Our son's students  performed a Haka and the females in the group sang a beautiful Waiata.
It was very emotional.

The service was not religious at all and had a very family and healing feel about it.
I am sure he would have been very happy to see the love pouring out for his wife whom  everyone in the community knows and loves.I am sure his elderly Mum and his siblings felt he was well honoured .

Cancer has robbed me of a few loved ones lately. It really isn't right.
I guess I am just at that age when its inevitable that dis-ease will touch the lives of those around my age, people I know and some that I know very well.
Today left me wondering  "who's next".

On a brighter note I must tell you about the surprise waiting for me when I got home from Dunedin the other day.
Not only, four very pretty egg coddlers (which I purchased on Trademe) but also a lovely hand knitted jersey from the lady I bought the coddlers from.I have been updating the lady  on the baby (because I didn't want her sending the parcel while I was away etc)
How very very kind to receive this bonus. My daughter was thrilled and also impressed with the kindness.

“When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace.”

—The 14th Dalai Lama
Gotta go now I am off to celebrate my birthday with a very lovely friend .We met when our daughters were at kindergarten together over 30 years ago.
Till next time ......Share a little kindness

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