Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

          Up the Mountain as the Winter ends...

Having one last chance to ski before the winter finally leaves us ,it was up the mountain we go.
Our daughter took her children and I went along to mind the littlest of our grandchildren.

The drive up the mountains allows for spectacular views and every corner has a unique sign..

like this one that says "Cow Poo Corner"

Upon reaching the top there was  a definite change in temperature 

A very cheeky Kia decided he wanted to watch us all get ready
He was not in the least bit afraid.

Prepared and ready Oma..

while little brother played hide and seek with Oma ..Mum Dad and Matilda got the lift  passes

Oscar and I settled at a table in the cafe and watched from a cosy spot..

 Mr Nosy Kia dropped in to say Hello

What goes up must come down

Enough for one day..

Lesson over.

Time for Matilda to go and mum Dad and cousie Tamihana to have some fun..

and for Oma and the babies its homeward bound...

with two sound asleep little people strapped on board.

It's hard to give tips to skiers if I don't know how they ski, but I think the most important thing in skiing is you have to be having fun. If you're having fun, then everything else will come easy to you.

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