Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

                                   To Market to Market

A recent trip to Christchurch to return a friend to her home was a chance for me to explore the Dutch shop and buy some goodies like "drop" Dutch Licorice ,and biscotti and Almond cake and and and .....
This then was followed by a trip to the Christchurch Farmers market...WOw
What an awesome market...
For foodies this Market is a must see.

It was a beautiful morning with that sweet spring smell...

As we moved closer to the stalls a waft of differing food smells hit my keen nose..

cakes pastries,freshly baked bread.frankfurters on the grill,smoked salmon and pate,fresh veges and fruit

Honey's and nectars,preserves and condiments, 

All manner of organic treats

Food from France,Italy ,Hungary,Holland, Germany,

Amazing zingy cheeses ,creamy cheeses blue black and white cheeses
Samalian,South African,Czech

every sort of food...

I purposely walked away from this stand...

All in all the food was healthy choice,organic and made by artisans..

 I filled up on special treats to add some oomph to meals and bought myself a lunch . I settled on a Spanakopita made for me with love (I was assured)
and whilst I munched on the spicy delicious vegetables I sat in the sun watching the ducks swim along the Avon...

and watched Parents with their babies having picnic's .

When I got home I used the sun dried tomatoes, olive oil infused garlic,huge fresh crunchy olives, hand made salami , hand crafted parmesan cheese along with freshly picked greens and crunchy capsicum and a free range organic egg  to make a hearty healthy lunch...I was truly inspired... 

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