Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Saturday, 27 August 2016

                    Let it snow

The following three photo's were taken by a friend from our village
TRACY MORROW..she just takes the best photo's of around here ..

It is welcome back Winter for us having returned from extreme heat in Vietnam..

I will bring you all up to speed on that trip soon.
I just wanted to post this little achievement...

I have created a bucket list and on it I have included  wishes like for instance 

 becoming a confident singer , 

Now to get better.....

getting fit and healthy.learning to Ski,

now to get better....

Just wanted to brag really and say I can start ticking things on my list and expanding them ..

It is wonderful to be home with all the little snowdrops in bloom the wintersweet bursting with flowers and all the magic that the snow covered mountains around our home brings.
So very wonderful to cuddle the little people in our how I missed them.
So wonderful to be catching up with friends too, even a simple phone call.... Kathyrn, Mary ,Heather,Sue, I still want to get around to seeing you and I will its on my list....

I hope to post exciting stories of our amazing holiday and also photo's of the garden.
I have never felt so overwhelmed trying to get things done...overwhelmed because I am actually doing the things I have wanted to do and finish...and overwhelmed because there is just so much to do still...

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