Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

                 Life's a bowl of CHAIRies
There is something very fulfilling about recycling and reusing .We humans create so much waste and pollution and do it relatively guilt free.
Our  daughters are great recyclers as are our  daughter in laws...
Pip has made the most amazing clothes for her children out of all sorts including her Mum's merino singlets and tops ..they became dresses and singlets for her children Patches and embellishments and leggings .Even now as i type the girls are at a clothes swap where lots of ladies gather for a night of friendship and from all the cast off good clothing that gets thrown in a heap in the middle of the floor they will each go home with something or things very special for them.Kids clothes work clothes boots shoes you name it....REUSE.....SO so creative and thrifty ...I love it and this concept is not lost on me...I so much want  this skill of reuse and recycle to become an everyday thing not a passing trend.

I am currently upholstering our dining room chairs in fabric that was once the curtains of a function room.
Even the chairs themselves come from our local Waste-Busters recycle centre.
As I collect the chairs I cover them ...soon I will have eight chairs around the table all recycled and as for the cane chairs they will go to the picnic table outside.

Two weeks ago Kelly my gorgeous wee daughter in law and I attended another Upholstery workshop...

I  now have ,  two completed chairs and as happy goes it's a happy time for me.

Once again the time spent  spent (a lovely two days with my gorgeous creative daughter in law whom is fast becoming a dab hand at upholstery) was worth every minute not to add every cent for the learning.
 In fact when I visited on the weekend I saw that Kelly  is now onto large furniture ie a huge chesterfield couch...GO KEL.

I was not so adventurous as to try something new albeit I dismantled my chair at home this time so managed to finish my job within the weekend.

carrying the heavy chair inside was the hardest part and keeping my flocking intact another challenge..nearly lost my flocking in the carpark.

Kelly took to the challenge with gusto deciding this time she would do piping which of course means lots more sewing...

and what a gorgeous job she made of her piping..

Of course being "An awesome seamstress" tongue in cheek ...I had lots of piping to put on

So pleased I finished my chair with time to spare.

Kelly too, finished her chair, exquisite . To be honest the picture does not do the chair justice...and oo la la what a gorgeous soft chair ...this would be a great breast feeding chair. Lovely piping and smooth flocking Kel !!!!!

Someone  related to me (cough cough) was misquoted and it appears on print that I am a keen seamstress...
hence the tongue in cheek remark earlier.
Again recycle and reuse is a strong theme running through our days.
Daughter Anna having formed a Plastic bag free Wanaka group that is gaining much momentum.
A sewing drive will see many enthusiastic thrifters recyclers and seamstress' sewing up a storm.
I am looking forward to making bags with my daughter although I have a singing workshop the same weekend ..I can try very hard to do both as both are near to my heart.
I can never say enough how proud we feel of our daughters...their  tenacity at getting things done..they all 4 of them  are real movers and shakers and work tirelessly whilst being amazing and dedicated Mums.
We are just so lucky very very lucky.....
maybe we can use our sewing skills to recycle more than just furniture and bags...more than just save the world from plastic .????

I once heard a comedienne on national radio (quote) "The woman's division of federated farmers will be making Quilts out of old skirts in the Scottish Hall today and tomorrow at the racecourse conference room the sewing guild will be making skirts out of old quilts"
....I remember laughing out loud it's more practical to look at this joke as a reality.....
Well if I can't make it to the sewing drive there is my kitchen table ready and waiting And with new(ish) chairs. My overlocker and my machine fit on the table nicely....
Making bags ...
'I love making bags Wills can never have enough bags" KC

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  1. Brilliant idea, a clothes swap. I did this once many years ago, at someone's house, only a small group, but it worked well. I love your Chairs! Excellent work! They look really good.