Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Where do I begin...

I guess the next few posts are going to be a bit incongruent.
Sometimes it just happens that way.
I updated two posts one which was the Summer music post and the other the last post to include Matilda Betty's prize haul from the show.
My daughter Anna suggested I keep each post about an individual event , occasion or subject.
I find it easier to incorporate a few of the delights of my week all in one post.
Sometimes there are weeks when not a lot happens but then there are days when there are three or four major events happening.

This week saw me make my first pancetta.I was given the recipe by a lovely young woman I met through the Miners cottage (our B and B)
It was a success .I made a brine using ingredients from the garden like juniper berries and sage, fennel and bay leaves.I crushed these and added salt and brown sugar and coated the pork belly.
my son in law smoked the pork and now I am thrilled to say I have a wonderful  pancetta.
It is a little too salty but the flavour is there and in a dish mixed with olives or mozzarella I think it may  just be a hit. 

The garden has been looking wonderfully white.The very last lily bloomed and Annabel Hydrangea gave off a wonderful show.

Lots of bugs and insects around.The fantail make short work of any moth that lingers into the day and mrs Praying Mantis makes short work of the last of the aphids to hatch.
Dawn makes short work of the rats and mice and to top it off visitors and grandchildren make short work of the fallen fruit.

Opa arrives home to many cuddles and to very exited children .He is such a loved grandfather.

Oh and look A new toy just for the little ones.

With Autumn now firmly upon us,the air is changing ..the west light in the evening is ever softer lower and cooler...The colours have changed and reds yellows and brown are back to visit ....

The little Miners cottage has had a few interesting and lovely guests.I have met some amazing woman (Karen, Rebecca,Dawn) to name but a few.
A lovely travel writer from the USA that got to try a coddled egg and of course some very interesting European tourists.

It has been such a busy end to Summer .With Children sport days , new beginners at school and lots of family events to attend.

It has been an amazing Summer and although Autumn is here I am squeezing as much sunshine into the remaining days of Autumn as I can......

How do you make the sunshine she asked?
You Smile .   Anon


  1. Beautiful flower photos ! Interesting recipes. I've never had a coddled,egg.
    Great blog !

  2. How's this for a suggestion Come stay with me and I will make you a coddled egg.