Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

                          The Autumn ...."show down"
Autumn always spells a busy time for Wanaka .
It starts with the Wanaka Ironman challenge, then there's the Motatapu  race (which incidentally had a second place getter of none other than Mr Adam  Jaques our Nephew.)
After the Motatapu there's the A and P show and then there is The Warbirds Over Wanaka.
Sprinkled in between are events to celebrate the festival of colour. Events such as the Wanaka Autumn arts school .

There is so much to get involved with and there is always great excitement about the A and P show.

First  Agricultural  and Pastoral Show  ....14 December 1843

This year The grandchildren will be entering the decorative categories and will also  enter the giant pumpkin competition.
Today I had the little ones making their entries .I was so impressed with little Mr Soul who just got on with the task.
He did admit to being sick of ripping up paper but all in all I commend him for his patience and for getting the job done ....and done well.

Souls covered flowerpot He is so impressed and keeps saying he will give it to his big sister Ocean.

Matilda was equally thrilled with her pot,

Maia is now a school girl so her category was to decorate a tin and what a lovely job she made.

Tasmin worked away making her vege creature

Then Maia and Matilda raided as much colour as they could find left in my garden and made their saucer gardens.

The finishing touches go on the pots with Soul loving the gluey feeling albeit a bit frustrating as the little embellishments stuck to his fingers and in his hair .

Leo was the one that surprised us all .He made an awesome saucer garden with lots of thought.Wow Leo

At the end of two hours they  had completed the tasks .I asked who felt happy with what they made and all of them raised their arm in the air.
At the end of the day That happiness is what really matters.


  1. Beautiful hand made pots and I love the saucer gardens, what a brilliant idea

    1. I will pass your comments on to the children they were so exited Pots and gardens creatures and a giant pumpkin along with two of my paintings a hydrangea bloom and two rose blooms all entered. Yeah

  2. How wonderful, such talented children