Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Saturday, 5 March 2016

                      Cover me in Butterflies

This weekend saw daughter in law Kelly and myself doing an upholstery course together.
It was so much fun and a great thing to do with someone like Kelly who is so patient and  works  quietly away.
I had two chairs I bought from our local recycle centre and have been longing to cover them.
What a fabulous weekend ....and the end result is I have one chair almost completed and the skills to at least disassemble and start to recover the second alone.
Our tutor Reg  said that my chair was a very elite quality and at least 100 years old because it was lace web sprung.

He got everyone to come and look at it and showed us the double springs and lace web.

I was thrilled .Not bad for $5.00 each .

The job itself is dusty and dirty. When I do it again I will wash all the flocking ( which is like a stuffing).
It pays to learn how to dismantle your piece of furniture ,that seems like a skill in itself.
Once you know how to though, I believe it pays to do the dismantling  prior to the workshop as it took almost all day to get everything off , the flocking teased and patterns copied.
I would never have been able to do this though without first learning how.

Kelly was super happy working away like a little beaver.It really was fun and we both surprised ourselves at how straight forward it all is.

What a difference already and it's not even finished...

Look at my gorgeous wee Kelly I just love that girl.

Yeah another wonderful skill learned and all in
 a weekend.
Now the test is how much have I retained.
It takes years to perfect your craft don't expect to learn it in a week......It just doesn't work that way ....Good results take time and lots and lots of practice....



  1. Well done! I love the blue butterflies

    1. Thank you June Butterflies and blue hold a special place in my heart.

  2. Wow! Awesome job Willy. Looks lovely after all your hard work

    1. Oww thank You Amy for your lovely comment.....I am loving your blog too. Little Mae Molly Anne sure is growing and looking so huggable and cute....I love her grin.