Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Monday, 8 June 2015

..................................From the Caps to the Bluff.............

Leaving the snow capped mountains and venturing south never fails to intrigue me.
I forget how green and lush the pastures are down south, and how much native forested area's still exist.
This weekend saw me go back to my home town just for a weekend.

Time to catch up on friends and to enjoy some outings with my husband.

Our first stop was the beautiful Queens park.
I really must give an applause to the Invercargill Parks division of the ICC .
Queens  Park is to me, the most spectacular park I have seen and that includes parks I have visited around the world.

The first stop The Aviary.

This stairwell is from the old Victoria hospital which just happened to be the hospital  where our first child was born.
I can tell you it was a pretty spooky place to have a baby.My husband can still recall the sound of woman moaning and screaming as he walked the long corridor toward the delivery theatre. 
.He said it was like a horror house ,with peeling plaster and watermarked ceilings and 1920,s decor.
I can tell you I thought it was pretty spooky as well .
To top off the aesthetic  horror you had to stay in bed for 3 days and nurses washed you by tipping hot antiseptic water over, you know where,  while you lay prostrate over a bed pan.
What a stark difference 18 months later when the hospital was closed and my second son was born at Kew Hospital (Such colonial names) I was up and about within minutes of his birth.Went home on the third day.....
How I love some of these modern changes.

I still adore Queens park and do so love the old and the new as they have melded together .It is such an amazing Park.

As a child my favourite statue was this one . I was convinced the fairies had been forged from actual fairies posing.I spent so much time believing that there were fairies at the park .

This pool is quite deceptive 
As young as 5 I would sit myself on the rocks and jump in .The water came as high as my shoulders at the deepest  but now seeing it again as an adult.......

Isn't it exquisite ...

I could go on for hours bestowing the virtues of this lovely park and all her lovely treats but ....

The weekend could not be complete without a trip to the Port of Bluff to pick up some oysters ..

A drive to the top of the hill ....

and a minute to take in the Port and the Bluff surrounds.

Although once a large and thriving port Bluff is now more........quiet and left alone.

So hard to imagine it being a metropolis...

The only action I got to see was the red and black jersey having a game on the local footie patch.
We did happen upon a shop in the main street An artist that I instantly loved.....the shop was closed Boo Hoo

Earth without ART is EH

Through the glass I spotted this chalked sign..."Your husband rang and said you could buy anything U like"

Isn't this wee guy just divine 

Homeward bound we stopped in at my all time favourite place ..The place where I experienced my very first school camp.
Not as I remembered it though ...Where are the rocks that were there last year?????

A stark difference don't you think

I suppose that's what I love about landscape It is always changing...
 and driving home was another reminder.
Well folks I am off to make Oyster soup.......Recipe will be on next blog if it's great..
I will leave you with this quote from Lord Byron...
Enjoy your Winter days....

There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more.

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