Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

         Summertime and the living is easy

Well its sort of easy...
Toiling in 32 plus degrees celsius is not my idea of easy but it is better then the icy freezing cold.
I have always maintained that our family is solar paneled We all seem to function better in the sun but lately I have had to reevaluate how much sun is too much ....
The heat had been so exhausting that by the end of the day the only reprieve from the dry heat  was to jump in the creek at the end of our road.
Its always fun .Tiny trout bask as we swim.
I love that first plunge.

My husband and I were missing the sea so we packed up for a weekend and went to a crib at Long Beach just out of Dunedin.It was fantastic.
Let me share some Summer with you.

I loved the look of this old abandoned house in Lawerence , which is on the way to Dunedin.The small gold mining village is famous for Gabriels Gully where gold was first discovered. 

another wonderful old building in Lawrence. 
I just love seeing how other towns people celebrate  Summer.

 The garden thrived through the beginning of Summer , fruit began to ripen and all sorts of flowers bloomed.

Aotearoa still living up to it's name.

Planting the vege garden was a treat because the raised beds made life easy.

As for the drive from Port Chalmers to long beach .

It was such a wonderful thing to walk on the beach.

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