Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Friday, 9 January 2015


Christmas has come and gone . It was all too fast.

I had the great pleasure of having my youngest daughter home from a tour of Europe and although her home is usually Australia this christmas she was home to stay for a month or two.

We had so much fun decorating our Summer house for the children...We had 2 tree's and made the little cottage into a grotto.
We also made a gingerbread house with huge sheets of cardboard .It was an absolute hit with the little grandchildren .
At the end of the afternoon they all waited for Santa's arrival ....and were not disappointed.

It was so special seeing the littlies so exited and waiting for Santa only to run as fast as they could to follow him .....

A true Christmas.

The only thing missing was My Dad who always enjoys our Christmas .

Also missing but feeling ever present was my dearest friend Karen.
Karen always so enjoyed Christmas and although she spent Christmas with her family and I with mine we connected with our love of all things Christmas.
Every year she made such an effort to decorate a specially chosen gift or three. It would arrive by post with an exquisite card ,tag and bag or box .
Sometimes well before christmas we played in her little craft hut and made cards and tags and even baked.
One year we made dozens of little chocolate truffles ...we played Christmas music, lit candles and had a wonderful day..
Another year my present from Karen arrived early . I was always on strict instructions not to open before Christmas but one particular Christmas as builders were making my new Kitchen she called me always she had a nose for detecting when I was upset. I told her just as she called a plate had accidentally fallen from the wall with all the hammering .
It was a flow blue windmill plate.
Karen said (in only the way she can) LISTEN Go open your present ...I told her NOOOOOO .
I was then encouraged as only that friend can encourage, to open my Christmas present .
When I did there shining in all its glory was a flow blue plate with a windmill.

As I write this I feel the ever present lump in my throat You see  this sort of serendipity happened all the time with us....which brings me to this year.

As my daughter and I prepared the Cottage I found a book Karen had made me 

Her blog shows the book and the date shows she made it well before she knew she was ill.
I remember when the book arrived I opened it about the middle and my heart jumped  I had a terrible feeling of foreboding ...I quickly opened the book on another page and cried.....
This was the first page I opened..

What was so dramatic about this was that morning there had been a rain A hot morning rain with a rainbow.

This was the second and below was the third...I became too frightened to open more pages so I closed the book and tucked it away in the cottage.

 Finding the book again and opening it at the very beginning bought forward a huge wave of grief.Luckily my Christmas fairy daughter was with me to cuddle me as I read each and every page.
The very first page was A Christmas greeting ......How Serendipitous... 

I have a friend that is an angel and from time to time she resides in my garden....I know it.  I feel it and just when I need her most she sends me a little reminder .....

I wish you all a blessed and happy New year.Enjoy your family, friends and enjoy all the love and blessings that come from true heartfelt love.
Our family is growing by the year .Our  children are comical and intelligent, Creative and sensitive ,they are hardworking and generous but their most wondrous trait is that they are able to give and receive love unconditionally.
They are bringing their children up in a nurturing and eco friendly environment where they can learn and grow and create a world for themselves that keeps them safe.

They make me laugh so hard it hurts .They gift us everyday with stories of the adventures of our grandchildren and they are always there, ever present with that unconditional love.
Happy New year everyone May love and light be your guide and if you believe in Fairies ....CLAP YOUR HANDS....often

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