Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

❣DIY Enchanted Fairy House Lamp With Coke Plastic Bottles❣

A few posts ago I showed off a bedside lamp I had made for the children following the step by step instructions on You tube.
I have managed to get the clip and post it on the  blog, (see above). I love to promote this wonderful craftsperson, I mean you really would love seeing the other creations if you like this one.

I get so many comments about the lamp.
It was fun to make ,Maia our 7 year old granddaughter painted the lamp she just loved it.

I guess I have had a love of little huts since I was a child. I had a playhouse for a time when I was about 6 years old. I loved playing in it. I had an old wooden apple box that served as a cupboard and an old tree stump outside the playhouse as a table. I scrubbed that stump till it was smooth on top.
The playhouse was a lean to attached to the shed . It eventually became Dad's darkroom where, hours were spent developing black and white photos with Dad.

I have also loved the idea of gingerbread houses and try ,every christmas to make one .
Boxed houses are so simple and make a great project for children.

This winter past saw me stand in for the local craft teacher as she went on holiday.
I had been set some projects to do with the children but also had the freedom to do whatever project I wanted.
I purchased a gingerbread house kit ,some royal icing and the children set to and made their creations.

"How inviting ", said  the children and they began to nibble.

Children love to create and craft , it is made all the more exciting if they get a sweet treat to eat at the end of it.
Over the years our grandchildren have made sugared flower petals, dried apples ,preserved fruits, jams from berries (the kiddies tend to eat the berries as soon as they pick them so often there is only one jar of berry jam and of course we love to bake pancakes are an all time favourite and cookies of all shapes and sizes.

It is so important to involve children in creative projects.
I recently visited my friend who was busy with her grandchildren helping them make a scarecrow for the little gardens they had already created.
The joy in those little faces and of course their granny taking just as much pleasure.

                                         The other little huts I love are nests.
I am increasingly saddened by the amount of plastic I find in these carefully designed little  homes...Little birds ..tiny little birds and eggs....Oh the grief of what we add  to nature.

I wanted to finish on this note ( the plastic rubbish found in nests)vin the hope to leave this thought lingering in your minds....

On a brighter note...
I do hope some of you get the chance to make one of the creations from you tube.It is loads of fun.

Me ..I am waiting for the rain.. Water is so scarce .....It has been so long since we have had rain.

Have a great month people...

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