Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

                       The nutty vampire

So what's that all about you may ask.?

Our poor walnut tree began to bleed when a branch was lopped off (at the wrong time of the season).
Whilst I googled a remedy to stem the bleed I discovered walnut tree's are great to tap (albeit at the correct time of year) when they are dormant and not like now (Spring) when the sap is rising.

 What was so interesting to read and of great value to me can make walnut syrup just as you do maple syrup.

I popped a pot under the tree and collected just over 1 litre of walnut tree blood (sap).

I found instructions and a recipe on this blog
and set to to make the syrup.

Just over a litre  in one day.  I transferred the liquid  from this big stock pot to a smaller pot.

Boiled it for about an hour to reduce to maybe a tablespoon full.

Was it worth it  , making the syrup you ask??? Heck yeah.
So yummy.


I do love our old walnut tree..
Several years ago  and late at night the man of the house walked me round it . He held my hand and asked me if I felt the warmth coming from the tree. I did feel it. A real warmth that came in waves that I can only liken  to walking in a cold corridor as someone opens a door from a warm room and  closes it .  The feeling of warmth is fleeting but it is there.

When I feel sad I go walk under the tree . I tell it I am grateful for it's fruit and it's shade in the summer . I am grateful for it's warm energy when the sun sets and  am so thankful the old tree survives.

I admire the old tree, she's 80 years old or there abouts.
Our postman (whom once lived on the land we have our home on ) said it was planted the day he started school. It was probably about 5 years old too when planted.

Poor old Mrs Walnut she nearly died a couple of years ago, the arborist held little hope. Dry rot had set in but the ever handy man of the house gouged out the rot and filled the great holes with cement.
To this day she lives.

......I am sorry tree I lopped your branch ....

Hippocrates said "Healing is a matter of time, but it's sometimes a matter of opportunity."
Well I certainly took the opportunity before our tree healed to make something good of her blood.
Again I thank you ...
PS I've missed this place in cyber land..It has been a year since I last wrote...The black clouds are moving .
Have a fabulous week .

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