Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Friday, 12 December 2014

Balmy in Bali

 (A little late posting this entry .This all happened in  August but as you know I lost my Dad.... so I continue  and try to catch up.)


A Holiday in Indonesia. Swapping the snow for the Sun.. 

Queenstown Airport...bitterly cold ,clear and beautiful

What a truly inspiring Island ...The Arts ...The culture, rites and ceremonies....the flora and fauna ....The performing arts and music.....the hand crafts....the people....I really don't know where to begin.

The beach is as good a place as any because we spent the majority of our time on the beaches.
It was a short walk from our Hotel to the beach ...or we could hop on the golf cart...
It was around 35 degrees C every day and even with a good cloud cover the sun was burning

The beaches were constantly cleaned and cleared of rubbish by council workers....mainly woman...I noted.

I loved how there were kites everywhere...

..and of course I loved the sunsets..
There is something infinitely calming about the lapping of waves and the cry of sea birds.

Bali is a wonderful Island to explore....

Bali has so much to offer .The people are super friendly and the food is tasty and reasonably priced.
Being foodies we certainly spent a lot of time trying all of the delicious fruits and foods.
I suggest you visit
to see all the dishes that were so readily available and all the Sambals (hot chilli type sauce) available.

Stark reminders of the Dutch ....(oh Dear)

 At one stage we were taken to a wonderful family owned store that had a cafe....well actually it was a long table with an audience of locals and their children that watched us eat.This funny little shop turned out the best meal we ate during our stay.

 A humble kitchen by all accounts...a long wait  but the delicious food produced here was worth it and guess what..... The only time we didn't get a Bali belly after eating was here.

 The oven going all day about slaving over a hot stove

 One of our wonderful cooks.....

 Wayananother of our singing,dancing, laughing  and loveable chefs....
 Our lovely wee cook Wayan  danced for me and sang ...she was 4 foot and weighed about 5 stone she stood on a wooden box beside the stove and needed both hands and strong arms to stir the pot of vegetables.  My oldest grand daughter is bigger then Wayan but my lord she is a force to be reckoned with in that kitchen.....I loved her.

I will continue  these installments ....

Writers often torture themselves trying to get the words right. Sometimes you must lower your expectations and just finish it.” 
― Don Roff
But right now I have a booming garden needing my attention and the sun is beaming into my living room...

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