Coddled Eggs

Coddled Eggs

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

A Wedding , a cake and an auspicious occasion...

On the last Saturday of March 2019 our gorgeous daughter was married to the love of her life...It was an auspicious occasion, that is how the man of the "lets keep the peace and just do as I am told"always calls an occasion of celebration. I used about 60 pure white sheets to create a billowing tent behind the house it was attached to a marquee for extra space...the atmosphere it gave off was so peaceful. Photo Chong Wei Wei

It was amazing to finally use serviettes I got many years ago from my Mum. They weren't ones made by Mum even though she did the most beautiful handwork...hardanger,embroidery, tatting, crochet, knitting, sewing she did it all....but these she bought at H and J Smiths for my 40th birthday. It would have been so nice for her to see Nicole getting married but  Mum is no longer with us. Mum also made bridal gowns .....she would have been honoured to make Nics dress but alas it wasn't to be.Photo Chong Wei Wei

Making the icing roses was so much fun. One of Nics bridesmaids and her Mum came a week early and spent an afternoon showing all the ladies how to make icing roses..It really was so much fun. I ordered a seal with the initial of Nic and Darren, I made icing seals and hid them on the cake 

The roses were such a hit...and on the evening ,well the kids were super ready to gobble them down.

The cake was 5 tiers, the first a heavy fruit cake, the second a crab apple jelly mousse cake, the third a baked New york cheesecake and the fourth and fifth  were stuck together with ganache to make a double layer baked  lemon cheesecake many people told me it was the best cake they ever tasted.. It was very rich so that was pudding after a brilliant feast of a meal. Thanks to" Fully Pitted". Photo Chong Wei Wei

There was a stressful moment when at 5 am on the morning of the wedding it was discovered someone had eaten some of the chocolate needed for the mirror glaze. Facebook request for chocolate was followed immediately by an offer from a neighbour ..she even delivered the chocolate to our home THANK YOU KAY SEAWARD....
How very special it was to let Nicole pour the mirror glaze on her own wedding cake...nerves gave way to a a just pour it attitude and away she went drizzling thick, shiny, velvety chocolate all over  her cake...

It was fun sticking the roses in place ,easier than I imagined it would be...

and didn't it come up Ok... I was thrilled...I do love baking when I get the chance...

 It almost seemed a shame to cut it ...but cut it they did ....Photo Chong Wei Wei

Mr Oscar certainly has a face that says one thousand words...

and those little fingers reaching reaching reaching .....

                                Little miss Betty in the background obviously enjoying her rose... Photo Chong Wei Wei

I will be putting more posts up ..ones of the garden and all the preparation work .The grounds and decorations were so cool ..just the icing on the cake so to speak....Photo Chong Wei Wei




Just an addendum ...Nic is a kindy teacher and before the wedding there was a mock wedding at her place of work..It was the cutest thing ..the children all dressed up and Nic wore a makeshift wedding dress...the children were so excited..It was so so cute...and you know what they even made a cake .

Sunday, 18 March 2018

                                           As Summers Go

This Summer must have been the hottest we have experienced to date.
It ended abruptly at the end of February with a cyclone, the first of two . It was a relief to be out of the heat but alas it didn't take too long before we were all longing for the heat to return to spend the last of the Summer days luxuriating at the lakes edge.

The garden has been extremely generous this year even without the much needed water.

So much work to still be done but wood is cut and stacked for Winter, harvest fruits are bottled or packed and frozen.
Days are drawing in and evenings are cool with red sky warnings of rain that doesn't quite make it.

The garden is in dire need of a good cut back and weed . I can't believe I only attacked all the hedges 2 months ago.

The annual A and P show has come and gone and very soon the little people will be here to search for treasured eggs left by the Easter bunny.
I am currently sporting a doozy of a black eye after a not too ripe peach fell from the top of the tree right into my eye.
I was home alone at the time and I can tell you it is a spooky feeling when you have had a good peaching and you feel fuzzy  and all alone.
I drove myself to the local GP only to stop and vomit on the way ..I forgot what I was doing and started to drive to the recycle centre to see if there were any interesting finds  but the pain in my head and eye reminded me "Oh Yes I am off to the GP"  for a check of the peached eye.
I am pleased to report I am back to normal albeit sporting the best bruised face and a few niggles and headaches but nothing to complain about . How thankful and grateful am I for the brilliant care of the local medical centre. The lovely nurse Polly and the Dr on duty. and the fantastic staff at the optometrist .
I am so grateful to youngest daughter Nic and her partner for taking me the 230km trip to the bigger hospital just to rule out any permanent damage.
I am left rather afraid of the peach tree and will give it a good prune back in Winter.....

I will leave you with the photo's of the last few weeks ...Most of them will speak for themselves.

 A full on dust storm just a day before the huge full on rain.

Finally Finished this painting ...

This Summer saw us fish and what great catches we got too. 

 During the hottest Summer the biggest fire over Wanaka seeing the smoke from the yard.

Like an Easter hunt I love finding the shells of eggs or ones that have long since blown from trees.
Rose sorbet .....

Apricots a plenty this year.

The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. Audrey Hepburn